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When you run your own creative business it can be easy to feel guilty for the times when you want to create something just for the sake of it. You often feel that your time should be spent making things that you can sell through your business. I often have this overwhelming urge to create graphics of the feelings that are in my mind. I am by no means a graphic designer but imagery is important to me and I can spend days on pinterest and scrap booking away. Today was one of those fuzzy days when I have a mountain of things to achieve and cannot seem to focus on anything. The best thing I have done all day is sit down and play around with some images from my moodboards, colours and symbols that I love; graphics and art that I realised lift me subconsciously

It's vitally important that for the free flowing of creativity I approach my design process from a soul perspective. In my creative journey and whilst building FERA as a brand I have learnt the importance of remaining true to my values and what inspires me. Pieces I have designed and made from my heart are the ones that my customers truly love. As a designer, if I create jewellery purely because I think people will want to buy it I really lose something of myself and it's always reflected in my 'success'. I have had in mind for some time the concept of a new collection which feels very close to my heart and I will be releasing more about feelings during my creative process and inspirations moving forward as part of a way to reconnect with my art.

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